The world is at war. The inhabitants of each nation all worship their own patron deity. Aries,Cancer,Leo,Pisces,Sagittarius,Scorpius,Taurus,Aquila,Canis,Delphinus,Cygnus,Draco,Equis,Lupus,Orion,Serpens,Ursa,Centaurus,Phoenix are the patron deities of the nations of this world. Every follower of a deity is branded at birth on the hand with their deity’s mark. For example, a follower of Lupus would be branded with the Mark of the Wolf at birth. Each follower of a patron deity is endowed with special abilities. For example, a follower of Lupus is fierce, strong, and confident like a wolf. The nations in order of power (from strongest to weakest) are: Equisia, Lupia, Delphinia, Orion, Scorpia, Piscia, Ursa, Canisia, Serpensa, Aquila, Leonia, Phoenisia, Cancera, Ariesia, Cygnia, Tauria, Centauria, Sagittaria, Draconia.